The big day is almost here

Well it’s almost here, and we’re almost all set for you arrival!!

We at Embellishments are just so excited for our 1st ever Home Dècor Show & sale, starting tomorrow!

Hope to see you come out & show your support for us & of course our talented local vendors.

Look forward to seeing you 😀


Our Vendors!!!!

With less than a week away before our (drum roll please) 1st ever Embellishments Home Decor Show & Sale. Let me introduce you to the talented creators that you will meet when you stop in……

County Fare will be among the vendors with their beautiful & tasty wares.

Check them out here


The very talented creators at Pretty Rustic will be there……….

For more info on Pretty Rustic, check out their Facebook page here…..


Warm Glass Artist, Sarah Dionne will be among our vendors. Her art is both beautiful & functional.


While we are on the topic of artists, we certainly cannot fail to mention, the talented Ardith Irvine, whose artwork will be a beautiful accent to your home.


Hangin’ by a Thread will also be joining us, with their many talents on display


The very talented Shawn Bailey of The Iron Tree will be there too!!!!



Burning Heart Treasure will be at our show. Along with decorative pieces they also design custom & memorial pieces.


Ray Berry of Turning Timber will also be there, with his unique hand turned products!!!



Olivia Vandersanden of Petrichor will be treating us to her unique & beautiful environmentally inspired designs.


Be sure to check out She Shed Arts mosaic art pieces created with glass, stone and salvaged china.


Steven’s Pottery pieces will make an attractive & useful addition to your kitchen decor. Not your Granny’s pottery!!!! Come check them out at the show.

Mary Weirsma, from Painted Pieces will also be joining us.
Colleen Carriere’s work will also be available at our show


Bailey-Brown Pottery is another unique vendor, offering both decorative & useful pieces for your home.

Time is ticking….

It’s almost time, it’s almost here!!!! Our 1st ever Embellishments Home Dècor Show!  We are almost too busy to be excited. You can’t possibly know this but we all have our excited faces on right now.

We have some fabulous vendors, showcasing creative, unique and amazing talent. We just can’t wait for you to meet them all, and us of course.

So head on over to our Facebook page  and click on EVENTS for a sampling of the vendors that will be at this event.
See ya’ll there 

See what Colleen’s been up to….

Colleen has been a busy little Bee, getting ready for our upcoming Home Dècor Show.  Here’s a sneak peek at what she’s been working on….

This particular piece isn’t quite complete, but will not doubt be a showstopper!!!  The hardware is almost complete and will be attached when this beautiful piece is fully finished.  We can’t wait to see it in all its glory!

We are now on Facebook

Our Facebook page is now up and running. We look forward to reaching  all of you, and sharing  our future events & creations with you.

Just click on the following link or simply click on the Facebook button near the top of our page.

Don’t forget to like our page, look for our events, & more importantly, help us get the word out…… SHARE, SHARE & SHARE!!!!!!

A bit of what we do

Here are just a very small sampling of what our designers, Colleen & Julie do……


a few of Julie’s talents (and when I say a small sampling, I mean a very small sampling)




………and some of Colleen’s work


There is oh so much more, but I’d really hate to overwhelm you with so many pictures all at once……

Keep checking back, and if you have any questions please feel free to use the contact form

Thanks for stopping by


We are excited to be starting out on a new adventure, and even more excited to be sharing it with you.

First of all a little bit about who we are and what we do.

We, at Embellishments are three very different women, each with something completely different to bring to the creative table.

Individually we each work on our own projects and collectively we are working together to put together our first ever Home Decor Show.

This would be a great opportunity for you to come by, check us out, see what we do.

Better yet, if you’re interested in being a vendor please feel free to contact us…..

a few things to keep in mind

a) This is NOT a craft show, this is a Home Decor show

b) All products must be handmade (This includes re-purposed, distressed or otherwise enhanced, refinished, upholstered furnishings, photographic art, paintings, quilted/fabric arts all suitable for the home.)

for more information please contact Colleen Walker at 613-968-1290

Our Event will take place at  Quinte Christian High School

138 Wallbridge Loyalist Rd Belleville Ontario

Friday June 23rd – 5pm to 9pm

Saturday June 24th – 10am to 3pm

Admission $2.00

Children under 12 Free